When you pick up a Leo for the first time, you know it’s something special, not some overpriced,

mass-produced product but something built by a real craftsman.

I’ve stayed with mainstream brands in the past for my electrics but I have three acoustics made in England the oldest of which is 35 years old and it’s something special to know the builder.

I was in the market for a T-Style Thinline but a good one is hard to fine. I was impressed by the Leo I played in my local music store and decided to investigate the options that Darko was offering.

The Grand Dillinger gives me what I’d been looking for but much more. You really feel an affinity with the wood. The detail and finish quality is impeccable. For example, the „f“ hole is perfectly shaped. I look at this very critically because, on some big name guitars, even on „custom shop“ versions the finishing looks like it as done my a twelve year old in carpentry class. This is not the case on the Grand Dillinger.

The Leo is however not just „eye candy“. Guitars need playing. Pick up the guitar and it’s light and well-balanced. I play a lot of acoustic guitar so I like the neck because it’s a easy transition from an acoustic which is good for the Americana and Country Rock music that I like to play. Plugges into my Mesa Engineering Lonestar Special it’s the perfect sound with echoes of Albert Lee, James Burton and Merle Haggard. It has the twang that you expect from a T-Style guitar on the bridge pickup but with a touch of warmth and more sustain which comes from the chambered design. Switch to the next pickup and you have such warmth and depth. The bass response is incredible. Select the middle position and you have a amazing mix of the two sounds.

Crank things up a bit and the guitar really shows it’s character. There are moments where it sounds like an Strat and even a Les Paul. The pickup characteristics are something special. I almost feel I can play all the kinds of music I need to one this one guitar because of the broad range of sounds. Cranked up your definitely in Keith Richards territory which you would expect from the David Barfuss „Keef“ pickups.

I can’t put this guitar down. I think my guitars are getting insanely jealous.


Somehow I don’t think that this will be my last Leo

-Jochen B.

-Peter C.

Was able to play your Dillinger model at A&O Music Store, the quality and the sound of the guitar

left me speechless! Best T-Style guitar i ever had in my hands.

-Beat K.


-Don T.

I've been the bassist for Kire Najdovski for a number of years, and work closely with him on his original material, plus a few other musical projects.

Recently he got a Leo Guitar, and I can honestly say it's one of the best sounding guitars that I've ever heard.

The midrange is the sweetest that I've heard of any guitar, and it lacks nothing across the overall tonal range.

The instrument is a pure joy to listen to!


Kudos to Leo Guitars!

The Leo Guitars Grand Dillinger is one hell of a Blues Machine. With it´s chambered mahogany body and beautiful maple cap (with natural binding) and stunning fretboard inlays it grabbed my attention right away.

The neck feels comfy and broken in from the first moment I grabbed it.

The pickups give me all that vintage tones I need.

The airy and warm P90 neck pickup that´s great for bluesy leads, the sweet jangely middle position perfect for rhythm playing - wether clean or distorted - and the big mag single coil bridge pickup that rock´s with authority. No matter if you play Blues, Roots, Alternative  or Classic-Rock, Funk, Fusion or Jazz.

This guitar can do it all.

As a guitar player working professionally the last 20 years, mainly I've been playing and using Les Paul's and Stratocaster's . Getting the Dillinger to me it was a first time experience to have something completely different and it was a big challenge as well.

Soon I picked it up and plugged it in I was blown away, not only by the sound , but by the feel, the craftsmanship, playability , outstanding! This guitar just fits my hand in a way that it's like a dream.Instantly I felt in love.

It has some nice sweet midrange that many great guitars and brands out there don't have!

I think every guitarist  is very happy when a guitar truly inspires you and the Dillinger does it great!


More then happy to be part of the Leo Guitars family!

-Alex G.

-Kire N.

I was amazed when I played a Dillinger the first time! The attack, the warmth, the sustain and the „shring“ is fantastic! You recognize it even when not playing through an amp! Real craftsmanship and passion in a world where a lot of things we buy are made in a hurry without any soul. My Dillinger with the David Barfuss „the keef“ set is my main open g-tuning-guitar!

Thank you Darko for sharing your passion and enthusiasm as a luthier by building such beautiful and great sounding instruments!

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