Leo Guitars is a boutique guitar company based in Germany, that is dedicated to handcrafting stellar quality instruments.


Darko Milojevic, the founder and artisan luthier behind Leo Guitars, is known to be an vintage guitar expert and exceptional master luthier.

He is well known for his ability to capture authentic vintage guitar tones by using old school equipment, methods, and techniques.

Darko's lacquering skills are of such a superior standard that other well known luthiers have called upon his "vintage finish mastery" for use on their own guitars.


Meticulously made in small series, these guitars are limited to 20-25 a year.

Darko is a full member of the European Guitar Builders Association (EGB). The European Guitar Builders Association was founded with the goal of organizing the independent luthiers as well as people related to the field of guitar building all across Europe. The tradition of lutherie is a rich legacy.

The EGB e.V.

Methods tempered, and knowledge accumulated over centuries. We want to preserve this, but also carry it forward, expand it through innovation and the exchange of ideas and culture. We want to foster a sense of community among practitioners of our craft. Most builders are faced with similar problems and challenges.

There is enormous potential in joining and helping each other, sharing experiences, cooperating and advancing the craft in a spirit of amity.

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